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Aiwibi Iraq

Healthy Anti-Bacterial Foam Hand Wash for Babies

Healthy Anti-Bacterial Foam Hand Wash for Babies

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Baby foaming hand wash with natural plant extracts can reduce bacteria effectively and guard your babies’ health. Fine bubbles make your babies willingly wash and develop a habit of washing their hands. Our mild foaming hands wash contains weak acids, making it safe and suitable for babies.

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Natural Plant Formula

Uses trehalose and potmarigold calendula extract and mild formulas to  effectively moisturize and prevent odor to inhibit bacteria and clean baby's hands.

Instant Bubbling

Baby foaming hand wash is convenient and fun to use, making children want to wash their hands and maintain good hygiene.

Gentle and Friendly to Skin

Our mild and weak acid hands wash is more suitable for the skin on your baby’s hand. It meets daily cleaning needs and makes hands softer.