Feeding - How Can Mothers Tell If Their Baby Is Full?

Although how much a formula-fed baby eats at each meal can be known by the scale, each baby is an individual and feeding infant formula can be too much or too little. If you want to tell whether your baby is drinking enough or not, you can tell from your baby's mental state and drinking status, but also from the following 3 aspects.


1.Does green poop appear due to hunger

  • If your baby always has green poop, mothers should pay attention to whether it is a type of green poop. Your baby's digestion is normal, the intestines keep moving normally and digestive juices are secreted normally. The unused digestive juices, especially bilirubin, are green when passed in the stool. The stools may be more frequent, with mucus in them, and similar in shape to the green poop caused by cold, but the volume of the stool is relatively less.


2.Observe the condition of your baby's skin

  • A baby's skin is smooth and full in its normal state. If your baby drinks enough milk daily and ensures a good nutritional intake, then your baby will present a better skin condition. If you do not drink enough milk, resulting in insufficient intake of protein and fat, this will affect the condition of your baby's skin, such as the appearance of wrinkles.


3.Does your baby cry continuously

  • Babies who are hungry cry very easily. So if your baby is crying more than usual, it may be due to a lack of milk, but it is important not to "feed by crying", but to judge how often your baby feeds. If your baby is hungry and cries quickly and starts to gurgle when you get a bottle, then it is a sign that your baby has not had enough milk at the last feeding and needs to be fed more.
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